Thursday, September 27, 2012

By Flora Togiataue

A Place to Sleep
The boy and the girl were making some noise. The cat went away to find some place to sleep.
The first thing he did was he went out the cat
door.    Then he went to the garden he was looking for a warm quiet place to go and sleep. He went to the warm rock but he opened one eye and he sees a Lizard.
Next he went in to the barn and he saw some hay but he heard a squeaking . He was thinking about the dog in his kennel could the cat sleep in the dog kennel.

Found the ball!!..

It is a goal!” yelled James. James and Emma watched as the ball flew over the wall. Then there was silence broken only by the tinkling sound of broken glass.
The children went over to next door and the neighbour asked them who kicked the ball.James said, “I kicked the ball. I’m sorry.”  The neighbour said, “Your ball is flattened and he went back inside. After that they went to the another house and played with the tennis ball.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meals for the brain and body

Meals for the brain and body   by Flora Togiataue

This morning our group made breakfast with weetbix.  
We had milk, yoghurt, sugar and banana. We put hot water into our bowls. Then I went back to the table and put some of my yoghurt into my bowl. Then I get a spoon  I crunched my week bix into my yoghurt  but I didn’t eat much of my week bix and eat much of my yoghurt. I ate some of breakfast. When I had  finished my weetbix we got some cups and we put the milo into our cups. Then I put some sugar into my cup. After that I put some of milk in and I drink my milo but I put more milo into my cup.

Today we made sandwiches with Mrs Slade literacy group.Mrs Slade was getting the stuff to make our sandwiches. The first thing we put on our bread was butter  I picked up my knife and  buttered the bread and then I put some ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato. When I had finished my sandwiches  I made another sandwich with cheese and ham and then I wrapped my sandwiches and put my name on my sandwiches

Last week we made roast dinner. We went to start cooking and the first thing that we did was wash the potatoes and the carrots. After that we cut  the kumara and we broke the cauliflower into pieces and then put them in the dish. Next we cooked everything. When it was cooked we ate it. I like the food.