Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Home game

Last Saturday My famliy went to a home game. With my aunty her son name Bruno the game  was started that 9.00cock. so we had to get there before 9.00cock cause that when the game started so we got over there at then we saw some of my friends was over there before us.

When my aunty finish found a car park. That the home game we pop out the car we the go from the back of our car. cause was door is broken. cause my auntie her son broken the door. When we all pop out the car we had to wait for our rest our team.


  1. Hay flora
    your kinder talking like it's a text, I got most of it.Just one thing well maybe two,in the second paragraph (WHEN MY AUNTY FINISH FOUND A CAR PARK) it should have been (When my aunty finished finding a car park at the home game.)

    but hay your still writing a good story keep it up!!!

  2. Hi Flora I really like your writing about the home game but you spelt some wrong words like family you spelt it famliy.But you still can write a good story keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Flora!
    I really enjoyed your reading about your weekend with your Aunty. Maybe next time you make sure to proof read with Mrs.Nua and remember those Capitals! :) Keep UP The Great Work!
    From Jorja


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