Thursday, June 27, 2013

About making Oobleck

On Tuesday room 21 made oobleck. The first at had do is to is get the  for cornflour,water and food colouring. So we got a cup and we too put in on the half cup inside the cup and into the blow

When we finish put the cornflour and the half of water then we put the food colouring. then we mix until it go green.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being a mouse

The moment I wake up I discovered to my shock and horror that I was the size of a small mouse. Today was going to be very interesting day indeed!

On that day I woke up and I was a mouse. I would  go looking for some cheese or scrap of food. I would get chased from a cat or get caught in a mousetrap.

Some  people were thinking a mouse. Are ugly how the mouse look of the mouse and a mouse. Were going around the people. Well the  people were walking.

A mouse were thinking the people. Are looking a or enormous, gigantic and


I think it cool being a mouse


Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity reflaction

In my creativity reflection gorp with my friends we made a movie with the song and the song call michael jackson

The first thing it was interesting at was in our movie of being a zombie.

The stuff at I didn’t enjoy  is  doing the moive

The at I like do is making a movie with my best friend

This week at stuff at I learnt is making the movie about Michael Jackson song

The thing at woulld I like do is making a movie next time with the teacher

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My friends

My Friend

I have got best friends and they are Paige, Paris  Zyla. Sometimes they can be funny. Sometimes we go to the park or the beach.

Most of the time we keep seeing each other everyday like after school or when we didn’t go to school.

When they are not home. Sometime I play with Zyla she stays next door to my house. When she wants to come over at my house, the first step she had to do is she had to ask her dad  if she is allowed to come over. When she came outside she told me if she was allowed to come and her dad said yes to her.

So she came over to my house and we started to play a game called catch the ball. when we were finished playing catching the ball we started to play with the her dog.

Then we went inside to get something to drink then we went back outside to play with my brother. When ,my cousin came over his saw his friend name Zyla so when they play to other.

When I went to my friend was at home they were outside play with they cat when I got there too they house my friend Paige pull me inside the house.

Friday, June 7, 2013

About maths

This is my Xtramaths. I am in pluses on in  my maths. I like doing  maths on online. I like it because it makes me to learn faster.

Sometimes it can be a little bit hard. They can be easy.   

All about my best cousin

This is my best cousin and her name is Faith she is 6 year old. She got a brother that she like to play with. Sometimes she likes to play on the piano with her little brother. Also she like to play  makeover with her mum or me.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ruby league

Last Tuesday we had rugby league. The first  step that we had to do is fitness. Then we had to get into a buddy the people that is in aside had to get the ball.

When they got the ball. Then we had get made a circle so the one of the people. Can run around us well can throw the ball around the circle. In till they all go around in they sot.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family and friend

On Saturday we had a plan to go to the beach we are going to the beach for the day we had to get our stuff ready before we could go to the beach so I got my togs,water bottle,sunhat. and lunch. Then we all put our stuff in the boot.

When we got to the beach we all got out of the car then my aunty got the stuff out of the boot then we started to walk down to find a spot at the beach we found a spot to put our stuff. We put our stuff down underneath the tree then we went swimming.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This is my long weekends

Long weekend

On Saturday we stayed home doing nothing. We did the  housework  and after that when we were finished doing our work we started to play a game. The game was called twister dance, we had to follow the light.

When we were finished playing our game I went outside with my brother. then we played catch the ball then we play another game it call hot potato with my friend her name is Zyla and my cousin.

After that we went inside to get something to eat or a drink then we went back outside friend house.

When I went back with my friend we went inside to house and I saw my brother and. My mum doing cooking of us well me and my friend. Watch a movie on t.v before my friend go back to her places.

On Sunday my Aunty came over. To my house when she came with her son we started to get ready before we go to the duck pond when we got there we got out of the car and my aunty got the bread out of the plastic bay.

After that when we were finish we feed the duck. We went inside the van  to get ready to go back when we got back, We went inside to house to get something to eat.