Friday, December 13, 2013

prize Giving


On Thursday last  night prize giving started at  7.00o'clock so I got that 6.10 p.m I had to go into our uniform Me and my aunty and her son and his friends I saw my cousins mum and my other family came to watched me and my cousins Stevenson.

Then Mr Burt was talking about how the kids win stuff and coming to school without missing any day of school. it was the yr 5 well the teacher came up to the front to give to kid go up some of the kid was shock well Mr Brut call them name they were so happy so the teacher give they lollies necklace.

Monday, December 2, 2013

All about my friends

My Best Friends

when I was in room 17 I meet a friend her name is taamai She is so funny and cool she like to do lots of fun stuff like sport and maori. Her favorite color is Purple. Everyday I hangout and I play with her and she got 3 brother and 3 sister also their names are Billy Weilen Motru Ta.

Then I meet another friend her name is Doris and Sisilia. Well Taamai meet a friend her  name is Shanika we all play skipping with Doris. Skipping rope we play lots of games if the  person  out of the game then they have to hold the other side of the skipping rope.  Well the person get to hop in the game.

We play when play time is over we all get in to class and wait and  wait and wait and waited then our teacher finally came. Then she said I am so so sorry that I took for ever when we get in the classroom I get my netbook out and I go on maths whizz and xtramaths. Then we have to see the teacher to do maths she teach us lots of maths.