Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Swimming safe

Last last week class 1 went swimming with Mr Barks. They started swimming at after lunch finish some of class 1 get to stay in class with a teacher or Mrs Nua we had to read a book instill like Mrs Nua get here with us or if not we had to go in a classroom.

Then most of class 1 we went swimming to the G.I pools they had to get their togs to get into they togs they get changs when we are over there. The first step what we had to do is have a shower before we get into the pools.

When we get into the pools the first thing had we need to have a teacher to teach us to swum so we can be a best swum like our teacher.Mr Braks keep us safe in the pools when we started swimming.

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  1. Hi flora really enjoyed your writing keep it up


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