Friday, November 18, 2011

earth and the sun

the Earth was around the sun the earth was keep tured and the sun was and it was sunny and the earth go up and.

the sun and the earth go round the sun it was earth the er plan some in ackland in to the the sun

the earth is the plane in the sky when it was night .

the sun and the earth is the best plane in the ackland and earth is the w plane

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the stardoem

We went to the star dome to look at an amazing animation in the movie about a rocket flying to visit planets in our solar system.

‘’Did you know their are 8 planets in our solar system?.

‘I was laying back in my seat and the pictures were all around me.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rocket

On Friday room13 make rocket and we have to pick a partner to make our rocket and when I was helping i went to get a sloce to slove rock and they was some glue and it was cold and sticky when i had to make a cover to put on the rock and we have to toilet roll and paper and some colours the cellophane is for the make a cover of our rocker and you will neet some super glue .

the ice cream comets

Room13 make ice cream comets
Mrs King spoon some Chocoe ice cream in to my harnd and when my ice was mating i had to row a ball and i put some Sahking and when the ice cream was mating bewt in my harnd and i went get me a cove and i and i put my little ice cream in the cove . and when my i look in my was dred and i went to get a maerk to clen my hared and my hard was woi was derd and in my harnd deur was some sacking and when i eat my ice cream and when tesadlike my ice cream it was cloud and i was skating with my ice bause it was cloud and when I was Finsh of my ice cream comets and I went to the talp to the

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alien snot

On Monday Room 13 made Alien snot. When Miss King poured some cornflour and water we mixed the cornflour. Miss King poured a little water in the bowl and when it was getting hard Miss King poured some green food colouring in.the cromflour had changed frm a white colour to a Greeny bluey colour like a droa.and when the alien snot was on my hand .