Monday, October 21, 2013

In the holiday

On the first week of my holiday. I stayed with my sister and her boyfriend house also they name. Are Eden Douglas I stayed about. When it time to go to my mum and dad work we started to go at 6:30 pm the first thing that. We had to do is get the train ticket we wait and wait and wait then I saw the train coming I screamed into my sister ear's. than she said" ouch" then said okay then we hop on the train I saw some of the people inside the. Train that was sitting on the train. On the second week of the holiday I stayed home with my mum dad brother, Sister her boyfriend well my aunty. Them went to waste side with her family. Me and my sister play a game the game call guess the food. So we had to picked a pictures and we. Had to hess it I got the fist on right well my. Sister try to get one right so I had to help her to. Guess the food. After that when we finish. Playing guess the food we went inside. The kitchen to have dinner when we had finish. We started to watched T.V .

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Net ball We get a netball and a spoon then. We go outside on the field then I put the spoon on the. Grass and we look for a flat ball from miss V room we had to asked politely from for a flat ball and a netball.