Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Children should not eat loolies

Children should not eat lollies.

Children should not eat lollies because it is very bad for us. It will make your teeth rot and fall out. That means that you will have to see a dentist.

Some kids can get very sick. It will make you have a
sore stomach. So when you feel sick you should go and see a doctor.

Children should not eat too many lollies  because they could get diabetes which is when there is too much sugar for your body to make into energy. 

Also sugar from lollies can be stuck to their teeth, it can get really rotten because it provides food for bacteria. So they might fall out or they can see a dental clinic.

Some of the dental clinic can help the kid of their teeth so this will not fall out.

I think lollies are very bad I don't really like the taste of lollies anyway.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Making our sandwich in the calssroom

Last Thursday we made our sandwich and we were to first  group to make them. In our sandwich we put in tomato, lettuce ,Mayo,ham,cheese and one person had to video us and another person took pictures of Mrs Lagitupu.

Then we did the next step we took 2 slices of bread and we buttered it and put inside the Mayo and spread it on the bread and give the next person to put the lettuce on the bread.

Then the next person put the tomatoes in the sandwich then we put ham and cheese in the sandwich.

After we all finish making our sandwich one person had to cut the sandwich into four pieces and put on a clean plate and when Mrs Lagitupu came and have a look at our sandwich then we gave some out to our classroom.

When everyone had one then we went outside to give some more of our sandwich to the  teachers then we went back to class.

In our classroom we had some more sandwich and started to eat the sandwich, until we had to finish our sandwich before it was home time.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obesity Report

Lots of people in America get fat  and eat lots of junk food like hot chip, takeaways, fizzy drink and it is very bad of our bodies. And do you know this women eats lots of junk food and then she started to get bigger until then she started to seek help and see a doctor.

The doctor knows about lots of junk it gets us fat if you eat lots of junk food like hot chips, fizzy drinks, takeaways also make us fat.

Some of the kids can get fat if they eat junk food,fatty foods and take aways.

 If you are watching the video on YouTube it is about obesity in America and  it now about getting fat you if  you this men that know about fat  

Friday, May 17, 2013

About eggs


       Report about eggs

Most egg's come from caged hens. We can eat up to 920,000,000 eggs in NZ each year. That means we eat 2 and a half million eggs per day.

Free range hens can run around and flap their wings. But caged hens cannot.

We can cook eggs in a lot of different ways like fried eggs, scrambled eggs and poached eggs.

Eggs have b12 vitamin, one egg has 1\2 of b12 vitamin we need per day.

Hens that live in the cages have eggs that roll down onto a machine. The machine takes the eggs away.

Some of the eggs come from a chicken that eats grass. They live on a farm.  

Eggs are high in protein and are easy for our bodies to digest. Eggs are good for us to eat.

Some of the eggs have different colours and different sizes. There are white eggs and brown eggs.

(edited with help from the teacher)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will i am

On Thursday when we got back from tech all of the hip hop group had to go into the I.C.T. room to get changed into our outfits. The hip hop group were going to perform in front of  Will I am. I was surprised and I felt happy. came to our school. He talked about his life in America like when he was born. Then he talked about his family because he loves  his family.

WILL I AM has a brother and his sister and mum. When he came into our classroom there were some camera's and Mr burt came and in to see us and our teacher.  He is an America recording artist and songwriter.

Will I am give us $100,0000.00 donated to schools in our area.