Monday, April 15, 2013

Wacky hair day

Last Thursday we had a wacky hair day. We had to bring two dollars. For the mufti and a wacky hair day I saw some people wearing wacky hair. In the morning  we had to go Tamaki Tech with Room 20

After tech we went back to our classroom to do our roll before we went out to have our morning tea. After morning tea we had our XtraMaths and Maths Whizz tasks to do.

At lunch time some of the people who think they have a good wacky hair went into the hall for a competition.

There was a kareoke outside room 7  at lunch and there was some food. There were some ice blocks for 50c and the drinks were one dollar and the chips 60c.  I saw some people sing the songs.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My sister birthday

My sister birthday
Next Thursday it is going to be my sister's birthday her name is Eden. And she is turning 24 year's old on Thursday In the morning my grandad is going to pick up my sister sometime's she catches the train all the way to G.I until she came over to my house we had to do our cleaning we were cleaning the lounge,hallway,toilet.bathroom and the washhouse.
Then me and my brother and my mum went into the kitchen. we had to wash and dry the dishes when I was finish washing and drying the dishes then  my grandad just got back with my sister I said to her happy birthday and I made her a birthday cake.

We went to play some games on the ps2 the ps2 is my brothers we had to ask him if we could play on it he said yes The games are called tegon5 and crash bandicoot. With my cousin and my sister I was versing my sister and I won the game on  tegon 5 then it was my cousins turn he was playing tegon5 he is versing  my brother my cousin and my cousin was having fun on the game.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the weekend

  This Saturday it is my mum’s birthday her name is Tino she is turning 42 years old in the morning me and my grandad are going to make my mum some breakfast in the morning before her day started she is going with her sister. We had to do our cleaning when we finished cleaning we all went in the kitchen to cook dinner for dinner we had BBQ. We had meat patties with steak, sausages onion chicken and tomato sauce.

when some of our family came over to see the dinner was cooked my mum was excited because she was eating with my brother and with our family when we were finish we all went into the lounge to watch a movie then we had our desert it was ice cream and red jelly.

we eated in the kitchen when we finished our desert some of my family had a sore stomach so we had a rest in the lounge I was playing games with my cousin we played charades we had to guess what my cousin was then it was my turn to do charades my mum had to guess what I was doing my one was cheerleading. then we all had a turn doing charaded then we played another game it was called hide n seek.
It was my turn to count I was counting up to 100 then I started to look for them I found my brother and my cousin and my mum and my aunty when I was finish it was my brothers turn to count he counted up to 30 when he was finish counting he had to find us when he tried to find me but he kept on going pass me he found my cousin first then me and my mum and my aunty.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My grandad's birthday

My Grandad's birthday
Last holiday it was my grandad's birthday. We went inside the sky city it was my first time to go inside with my grandad. I was excited my grandad now know what the Sky City look like inside. When we got there with the birthday boy in the sky city inside was so big and so tall there were lost of yummy cooked food. inside the sky city people were doing there job they are doing taking people's plate's on the table they asked people if they finished there food. My brother and my grandad was thirsty for a drink we went to buy us a drink so my mum went to buy us two a drink for my brother my gandad was sharing from his son.
then we were all singing the songs in english it was called happy birthday and we sang the song in niuen then my grandad cut the chocolate cake my cousin took the candles off the chocolate cake after he blew the candles. My grandad cut the bigger piece of his chocolate cake and gave it to my cousin her name was faith then my grandad cut the smallest piece to my little cousin.
I had ice cream with red jelly and cheese cake when we finished eating the chocolate cake there were a little bit on the table then my aunty had the rest of the chocolate cake With her son.

We all got ready to go home we had some of our family to come and get us we had to take them home to my uncle's house while my grandad and my mum went out with my aunty and when we got home with my aunty and my cousin then we went inside to do some of the house work when we had finished our house work I went to get change out of my clothing my cousin went outside to play with his friend's his friend's name is zyla.

then me and my brother went outside to play with my friend we played basketball and when we played with my cousin's dog his dog's name is Sheba we had to throw the ball out to her and she had to go and get it.  Sometime's she ran away and my aunty always want me to get the dog. She ran everywhere she run's around the place and then we started to leave her behind. We started to walk on home when we turned around and Sheba was following us back to my place and my aunty gave Sheba a hiding.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Fia Fia Practise

Next week it’s going to be Fia Fia on Thursday night. It’s going to be dark outside. It starts at 7:00p.m and it finishes at 8:00p.m. There will be lots of people and family and they will be excited because Fia Fia is next week some people will be nerves. People will be on the stage doing their dancing in their costumes for Fia Fia.

There are niue,Samoan,cook island,two hip hop,maori,tongan,songs and bollywood who’s going to be first in fia fia when Mr Burt came and watch all of the kids practice there fia fia.

When it was our first fia fia practice it had to be mixed up of the yr7s so when we were all in our hip hop group in the street with the teacher when the teacher was coming to us and the teacher said that all of the yr7s had to stay in the street and the yr6s had to go with Mrs Erasmus and Miss Barks. They are only in room 9 so they got in the line back to room 9. to do hip hop outside of Mrs Erasmuses class.

Then we were starting to practice our hip hop with our song and our song was called Can’t hold us by Macklemore.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter time

Easter time

In the holiday it was Easter. It was fun in easter because me and my brother had easter together. We had lots of chocolate bunnies and easter eggs to give.  We had to give our  easter eggs to our cousin and our aunty.  

When we had finished giving our easter eggs we went to Mt Wellington and my mum we went see her cousin at the gate.

After I saw my aunty my grand-dad went fishing  with his friends. I think my grand-dad had fun fishing but he only got two fish before he got back home.

Then my mum started to cook dinner for our family. She was cooking chicken curry. She put in chilly and chicken while three of my cousins played on the games on the I-toy with my brother.