Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marsden Bay that Camp

On Tuesday most of the yr 8 students went to camp. On that day some of the yr 8s stayed at school with the yr7 students.  The camp was called Marsden Bay.

In the morning when the bus arrived at our school, we all went in to the hall to collect our belongings.Then we left for camp in the bus. It was a long ride, some students slept and some students stayed awake during our journey to camp.

It was the longest ride that I have ever been on in a bus. When we arrived at camp, we were taken on a tour by Mike and he showed us everything and the camp grounds. After that we got our belongings and went to our cabins.We then had morning tea down at the beach,which I thought was awesome.We then went on a hike in the bush, it was long and tiring.Everyone had sore feet but I didnt. I was glad that we did our hike.

When we had finished our hike, we had to walk back to the beach where we had started our hike. We had a rest before we hopped in to the bus. We saw alot of beautiful houses in Mareson Bay. At camp we had a big muddy waterslide, I thought it looked all brown and yucky until I had a turn on it and I wanted to keep sliding down it.We had so much fun on the waterslide.

There was a flying fox at camp.It was really high long and big.All us students had a go on the flying fox,along with our teachers and the camp staff.Me and my friends laughed at the adults who had a turn on the flying fox.We watched everyone take their turn on this, and w2e encouraged the students who were afraid to go on this.I loved going on this because I always had butterflies.

Another part of camp that I really enjoyed was swimming at the beach. We swam straight after our hike. The day was so hot and we were excited to get into the water. At first the water was freezing and we didnt want to swim, but we all forgot how cold it was, and started swimming because we were having alot of fun. We had so much fun at the beach we didnt want to leave. The beach was very beautiful. hedlookin

We also were put into groups for surfing. Mrs Clark took my group for surfing. We were met by the lifeguards and they introduced themselves to us. The lifeguards spoke to us about water safety. They also showed us how to surf. Mrs Clark was in the water with our group and she was learning how to surf with us. This was the first time for me to learn how to surf.I think everyone should learn how to surf as it is fun. I found learning how to surf was easy, but trying to stand on my surfboard was hard. I think if we practise surfing everyday we will be good at this.

Another part of camp I enjoyed was sleeping in a cabin with my friends. In my cabin was there were six girls and we had 3 bunkbeds. Two of us girls shared a bunkbed. I was lucky I got the top bunk.  Our cabins were cool because we had all the girls in cabins on one side of the camp, and the boys had cabins on the other side of the camp. In our cabin we all hung out talked laughed and ate junkfood. It was really fun.

At camp we played so many games and we had alot of activities. These are some of the games we played; Volleyball,basketball,handball,we also played on a see-saw. We also played cards, connect4, jingo and we got to play on the piano. We were allowed to do this during free time.

The menu at camp was yummy, everyday we had different food. Every morning we had cereal which was cornflakes, ricebubbles, weetbix, porridge,and fruitsalad. For lunch we had: hotdogs, wedges, salads. Dinner we had meat, veges, mash potatoes and salad. But the best part was Dessert: Icecream, Apple crumble and Pudding,this was the best part of my day.

On the last day of camp we had so much fun. We went to Waiwera Hotpools. As we got there we ran to all the waterslides and tried them all. Some slides were fast and some dark and some were skinny and dark. The pools were all hot or warm.I enjoyed the movie pool but the water was hot like a spa pool.

Me and my friends had a great time at camp we learnt alot of different things and did alot of stuff. Camp was awesome I had a blast.

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  1. Well done Flora. I am so proud of you! What an amazing piece of writing Flora! It sounds like you had a great time at camp. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Love from aunty Sandy


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