Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dream Team camp


On Thursday in the morning I went into the hall we had to get in our gorp line for camp. When we had to wait to everyone was here. Miss Gardan said to us to put our hat on because some people didn’t bring their hat. They had to were the school hat.

When we got to our first activity we went in to the toilet to get changed into our togs because we had to vs Mr Mark’s team. I was watching the people playing the top race. When the race was finished we were finished our first activity.

Then we went to Mr Burt to do kayaking. Mr Burt gave us the instructions. I was watching the people doing kayaking. Some people were by themselves or two people. When we finished doing the kayaking we get to have a swim in to the water. The water was cold. We got to jump off. When everyone had a turn of jumping off we were finished.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today we went in to the hall in the morring we wait and when erevyboby went to the f acivt was top team and when to daerm team was a winner  and when we went to eat morring tea .

when we was finnsh our frst top team and when we went to go keyking with mr burt when erevyone went dowing into the sand ti was erey hot in sand when went to sait dowing in to the the hotsand it was a b hot day today and when we was finssh from the keyking we went to have lunch .

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben carson

Ben carson

On Firday  we went to ben carson with the calss and miss Gardan and Mr j we when we had to go to the tolitle we go to in the bus and when I look of a slia on the bus  t with my friends  as I look out at the w I saw my mum and my dad when the bus went  on the van and when we was here and when I h out the bus we had to say to the bus and when I walke on the and when I \got in to my class room line when a g came up to us to t us to see ben carson and when went to s on the blue c   and when the show start of the ben carson was on the s when the moive was on the s and when to g was take a videos to put it up the s so we can see the videos .

Monday, March 5, 2012

In the weekend

On Saturday I went to my cousin’s house . We rode our bikes to my cousin’s house.When we got  there I knocked on the door and waited.When somebody  came to the door I went into the house.  My brother went into my cousin’s room and  I was with my two little cousins. I saw Kingston on the computer and he went to the email to look for his blog and I watched him.

Friday, March 2, 2012


n Tuesday morning I went to school and I went to reading. I went to the netbook cupboard to get my netbook out and put it in the bag.

We had to wait for the teacher to open the door so we could come in the room. It was warm in the room, I come to sit down so we can do some work on my net book we had to go on the google docs to write about me.


On Monday I wake up and I was feeling dizzy. When I got ready to go to school my mum went in the morning to work.  l walked to school when I was at school I went in the classroom.  When I saw everyone we hung up our bags.  When the bell rang  I went to reading with a net book and put it in the net book bag.