Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This is my long weekends

Long weekend

On Saturday we stayed home doing nothing. We did the  housework  and after that when we were finished doing our work we started to play a game. The game was called twister dance, we had to follow the light.

When we were finished playing our game I went outside with my brother. then we played catch the ball then we play another game it call hot potato with my friend her name is Zyla and my cousin.

After that we went inside to get something to eat or a drink then we went back outside friend house.

When I went back with my friend we went inside to house and I saw my brother and. My mum doing cooking of us well me and my friend. Watch a movie on t.v before my friend go back to her places.

On Sunday my Aunty came over. To my house when she came with her son we started to get ready before we go to the duck pond when we got there we got out of the car and my aunty got the bread out of the plastic bay.

After that when we were finish we feed the duck. We went inside the van  to get ready to go back when we got back, We went inside to house to get something to eat.

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