Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cousin Kate..

Cousin Kate was very bossy. She was always bossing the kids and they had to do
everything she said.

One day she went outside with the kids and told them that they had to dig out worms and put them in the jar. After they had finished digging the worms out of the dirt they had to put them back again.
Another day Cousin Kate saw a beehive on the tree. She told the kids to get it down. They
said it was a silly thing to do and they ran away. So Cousin Kate picked up a stick and whacked the beehive instead. One little bee came outside and got angry at her. Then she started to run away as fast as she could. Unfortunately she fell  over a long piece of wood. When a bee stung her the kids were hiding in the bush and they laughed at Cousin Kate.

The  kids learned that you don't have to do everything that another person says. I liked this
book because it was very funny and I don't  like bossy people.

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