Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cyclone hit New zealand

On saturday morning the cyclone hit new zealand 3 people die from the cyclone from the news the cyclone it have strong winds and heavy rain. when the water was black on the sea the cyclone was spach that new zacland. everyone is talking about cyclone it can it hit new Zealand I was living with my aunty well my cousin was feeling scared. and my aunty tell us 3 people die when the cyclone hit them.

During the next day phailin intensified rapidly and become a very severe cyclonic storm on october 10 equivalent to a category 1 hurricane on the saffir-simpson hurricane wind scale (SHOWS). On that when it started on october the 11 2014.
Firefighters have already been called out to a small number of incidents in the Far North.Downed power lines fell into a nearby paddock in Kaeo, while strong winds caused a tree to topple across a road in Parahaki, north of Whangarei, Fire Service northern communications shift commander Jaron Phillips said.

Rain has begun to lash northern parts of the country, and winds are beginning to pick a In Auckland preparatino are continuing for tomorrw’s expected stormy weather. Auckland harbourmaster andrew hayton said staff would be on call over the weekend.
Boaties should check the moorings of their boats before the worst to the weather comes in the said. “We don’t want people going out in a small dinghy at the height of the storm to check on their  boat.”

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